Are you ready to thrive?


What you need.  When you need it.  Wherever you are.

Ian Locke

“Online training with Thrive has changed my life in an amazing way.”

Mr P C, Scotland


  • You talk

    From the outset, we want to learn as much about you as possible so your programme can be fined tuned to your needs.  We use a mix of questionnaires and video calls to tease the information out of you.

  • We design

    Designing programmes is an art and a science.  It may take a few days to get you your programme, but we believe it’s better to spend time getting it right than rushing things.  If you’re in a hurry to get going, our Universal online training programme can be deployed faster and it’s nutrition element is still bespoke.

  • You thrive

    Here’s the great thing about online training – you get to train when and where you want.  As your programmes are on a mobile app, you will always have them with you, whenever you need them.  Perfect for those with fluid, busy diaries or who work shifts.

  • We assess

    You’ll record each and every exercise you do in the app, and you may also be asked to record what you eat, how you feel, how you slept, your body measurements and health markers.  We get to see everything and review your progress with you during regular video calls.

“If you struggle with fitness and regular training locations, give Thrive’s online training a go and let the results speak for themselves”

Mr R H, Bedfordshire

Choose from our range of monthly online packages:

Elite, Bespoke, or Universal.

If you’re not sure which is right for you,

why not book a call with Thrive to find out more?

Universal training programmeDesigned to meet fat loss, muscle growth and strength improvements over preset training cycles, Thrive's Universal training programme is suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced exercisers.

Comprising resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, all you need is access to a well stocked gym and a determination to succeed.
Item included
Bespoke training programmeWe ask a lot of questions so we can design the best training programme around you.  Your history, your health, your lifestyle, your stress levels, your goals.

Thrive will design all elements of your training, including resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.  It'll evolve as you progress and your body adapts.
Item includedItem included
Initial assessmentAfter you've completed a detailed questionnaire, we'll spend 30 minutes talking about your health and fitness goals to make sure we understand what you need.Item includedItem included
How To Thrive guideExercise is only part of the solution and your personalised edition of our How To Thrive guide will help with the rest.  As well as your nutrition plan, this guide will look at improving sleep, managing stress and other lifestyle decisions.Item includedItem includedItem included
First-class appsTraining plans are delivered through Keystone, a mobile app available for iOS and Android.  It'll tell you what to do, how fast, how many reps and sets, how long to rest, and more.  You'll record your exercise, body measurements, mood, sleep, steps and what you eat.

ProCoach is a habit-based nutrition coaching program which moves you towards your goals in a sustainable way, teaching you how to eat for life, not just for now.  With Thrive's support and accountability, you'll experiment with better habits around food, exercise and lifestyle choices through short, daily lessons delivered to your inbox.
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Video demonstrationsEver been stuck in a gym mid-workout and tried to figure out what a sissy squat is, or what perfect form for a dumbbell single arm leaning lateral raise is?  Worry no more, as all training plans include short videos showing you exactly what's required.  Perfect to check out between sets.  Have a look at some on our YouTube channel.Item includedItem includedItem included
Regular progress updates15 minute video or phone calls designed to review your progress, allow you to ask questions in person and keep you on track.  Plus we can see what you are up to every day.  Some call it stalking; we call it attention to detail.Item included
Item included
2 Weeks
Item included
Online supportYou're not alone between progress updates.  You can contact Thrive at any time and we'll get back you as soon as we can.  You can also ask questions in the How To Thrive Facebook group.Item included
Item included
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A thriving communityFrom day one, you'll be invited to join the How To Thrive Facebook group where you can ask questions, share progress and receive motivation from others looking to thrive.

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with - see this as an opportunity to surround yourself with people who share your quest.
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Supplement discountsWe believe people should make informed decisions on everything, including supplements.  Supplements aren't compulsory, but if we can get you a discount from suppliers we trust, we will.Item includedItem includedItem included
Video assessmentsNot sure if you're squatting with perfect form or deadlifting safely?  No worries.  Record a set on your phone and send it to us.  Thrive will analyse your movement and coach you to improve.Item includedItem included
Mindset coachingSpend an hour each month with The Change Agent who provides a powerful mix of coaching and mentoring to help you get most out of life.  Discover new possibilities and fresh perspectives; reconnect with your values and motivations; liberate yourself from any limitations in your thinking, behaviours and beliefs which are preventing you from maximising life.

How you use this time is up to you - increase commitment to your fitness goals; solve issues at work; deal with difficult situations - we don't mind as it all helps improve your overall health and fitness.
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Elite Online Training Programme

£449/ month

  • Bespoke training and nutrition programmes
    Weekly progress updates
    Access to Keystone app and ProCoach
    Telephone, text and e-mail support
    Video assessments
    Mindset coaching

Bespoke Online Training Programme

£249/ month

  • Bespoke training and nutrition programmes
    Fortnightly progress updates
    Access to Keystone app and ProCoach
    Text and e-mail support
    Video assessments

Universal Online Training Programme

£175/ month

  • Universal training programme
    Bespoke nutrition programme
    Access to Keystone app and ProCoach
    Monthly progress updates
    E-mail support