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When our health suffers, so does our work, family, outlook on life and enthusiasm to stick to a fitness programme.

It needn’t be that way.

We believe that optimising health is crucial for achieving our goals in a sustainable way.  Thrive’s unified programmes cover exercise, nutrition and lifestyle elements, with a spotlight on preserving or improving your general health.   It’s only by unifying these elements that you’re able to thrive, rather than survive, in life.

We provide the motivation and accountability you need to hit your goals – you just decide how much.  The more ready, willing and able you are to put the effort in, the more impressive your results will be.

Are you ready to thrive?




Thrive unifies exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programmes to optimise health.


We do the thinking; you get active in a focussed, effective and driven way.  Weights, conditioning, flexibility; home, gym, hotel; we cover all options.



We’ll show you how to choose tasty, nutritious food to help you deal with whatever the day throws at you. You’ll learn how much to eat to boost your performance at work, rest and play.



What you get up to away from the gym and the kitchen will help or hinder your progress.  You’ll learn to balance all areas of your life to get the results you want.



Underpinning all we do at Thrive is your health.  We track key health markers so we can flex your programme swiftly if needed.  As your health status improves, so will your results.

‘With Thrive’s knowledge and straightforward programming,
I’m lighter, fitter and have more energy.’

CEO, London

Online personal training


Your Programme

Monthly subscription

Whether you’re a chief executive with little time to spare, a shift worker struggling with related health issues, or working from home and needing to add structure and accountability to your fitness regime, our fully personalised training programme includes:

Online personal training package monthly subscription

Initial assessment

In talking to you and reviewing your initial questionnaire, we will have no doubt as to what you want and what you’re prepared to do to be successful.

Personalised training

Driven by your goals, starting position and commitment, your training plan will cover every aspect of your exercise week.

Mobile app

Your training and nutrition programmes will be with you whenever and wherever you have your phone.

Weekly progress updates

You’ll be expected to report key body metrics and health markers each week. Only then can we flex the programmes to reflect your progress.

Support when you need it

As well as weekly calls, you can ask questions through the app, email or by phone.  You can even send us videos to check your exercise form.

How To Thrive guide

Unique to Thrive, you’ll receive the detail of your programme in this personalised guide. It’ll explain how you can expect to move, eat and live in the coming months.

Personalised nutrition

Eating well is key to your success. Your programme will tell you how much to eat and how to choose foods which suit you better.

Video demonstrations

Not sure how to do an exercise? Your programme will include short videos to show you what to do. Perfect for use between sets.

Online physiotherapist review

How our body performs depends on how balanced it is. We’ll organise an assessment from a physio based on your progress photos.

Supplement plan

When appropriate, we’ll suggest supplements to boost your nutrition. We can also arrange discounts for you.

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How Thrive gets you the results you want.

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