Personal responsibility is a big thing for me.
I’ve always believed that given the right knowledge, motivation and opportunities, people can achieve whatever they set out to.  That goes as much for health and fitness as it does for career, lifestyle and relationships.

Of course, nothing really worth having comes that easily.  Effort is needed.  That takes commitment and requires consistency.  For some, it also takes a degree of courage.

I created Thrive in 2012 to work with people who have decided they are ready to put the effort into getting fit, healthy, slimmer, bigger, faster, stronger, or whatever it may be.  If you bring commitment, consistency and courage to change, I will provide the knowledge, motivation and opportunity for you to succeed.

Together, we will help you thrive.

for life
Staying healthy is as important as getting healthy in the first place.  You’re going to invest time, effort and money in reaching your goals and maintaining your success is important.

My job, as your coach, is not only to get you to where you want to be, but also ensure you understand how you got there so you can maintain it indefinitely.  I will teach you how to eat and exercise in a way which you can continue with even after you leave Thrive.

Fad diets fail as there are no provisions for what happens when you drop back into normal eating.  There is nothing fad about Thrive’s approach.


That's a good question, particularly with your health and fitness at risk.

I stand out from the crowd of online personal trainers on a number of counts.  I worked out of my own private gym studio with face to face PT clients for 6 years.  It was only ever me and the client, which allowed me to focus purely on their needs, their progress and getting them the successes they wanted.

Working so closely with face to face clients in this way gives me a great understanding of how to programme exercise and nutrition for people from almost any starting point.

My speciality is in weight training, be that for permanent fat loss, muscle growth, strength gains, power, speed, posture, bone density, general health or any of the other benefits of weight training.  If you want a 16 week running schedule to get you marathon ready, then I am really not your man.  However, if you want a weight training plan to build your strength and endurance so you can thrash your PB, then give me a call.

I integrate nutrition into each client’s programme.  It’s not an add-on.  It’s included in the price.  It’s bespoke to your needs and is based on latest research and experience.  Telling clients to eat what the government / instagrammers / bloggers / celebrities / mates recommend is not good enough – if it was, the population wouldn’t be as unhealthy as it is.

If my previous 20 year career in corporate treasury has taught me anything, it’s to read as widely as you can and make sure you understand what’s going on around you, not just in your own world.  Since creating Thrive in 2012, I’ve continued to invest in my education and aim to learn from the best.  Some of the organisations I respect and listen to the most are listed below so you can assess for yourself how high they set their bars.


Muscle Nerds

We are not all budding Olympic athletes, but much of my industry treats us like we are.  It’s therefore refreshing to train with Muscle Nerds which, through its creator Luke Leaman, focusses on what best helps the general population get the most from their training and nutrition.

Get results without crushing your body with stress.  Focus on the healthy way to achieving your goals.  Enjoy the process.  And maintain it.


Precision Nutrition

Nutrition is way more complicated than TV programmes or Google searches make out.  To ensure I understood how to programme nutrition effectively, I completed one of the most comprehensive nutrition courses available: the Precision Nutrition certificate in nutrition.  Unless I understand the impact of diet, stress, toxins, general health, etc. on your digestion, metabolism, hormones and brain, how can I offer the best advice to clients?
The Change Agent Logo

The Change Agent

The Change Agent provides a powerful mix of coaching and mentoring to help people get most out of life.  The owner, Shirley Hensher (coincidentally, my wife) encourages people to discover new possibilities and fresh perspectives, reconnect with their values and motivations, liberate themselves from any limitations in their thinking, behaviours and beliefs which are preventing them from maximising life.

Time with The Change Agent is included in Thrive’s Elite online training package.



Without truly independent organisations such as Examine.com, it would be difficult to find an unbiased source of information on supplements and how well (or not) they work.  Examine.com summarises academic research papers and grades each supplement on whether it does what it says on the tin.

Poliquin Group

I have a love / hate relationship with Poliquin Group these days, but I still credit them for opening my eyes to how our hormones play a major role in how we store body fat and how what we eat affects our brain.

They still produce some good blogs and know what they are talking about with exercise, but as with all sources of information, read it in the context of what else you know and understand.

I started this page talking of personal responsibility.  I don’t take my responsibility as an online personal trainer and nutrition coach lightly, as I am Thrive.   This is my business and I want you to be another success story.  If your programme isn’t working for you, I’ll adapt it.  If your life takes a lurch one way or another, we’ll come up with a plan which deals with it.

All I ask is for you to be honest and open with me, otherwise I can’t see what’s working and what isn’t.

Still not sure whether I am right for you?  Have a look at my client testimonial page or book a call to chat things through.