What makes Thrive unique?


Our principles

Health trumps everything

Poor health limits potential.  We prioritise your health, powering your success at work, home and the gym.

Personal responsibility

Are you ready, willing and able to put the effort in? We are if you are.

No bollocky nonsense

Straight talking programmes which work.  No fancy words or needlessly complicated programmes.

Teach a man to fish …

Understanding how and why your body reacts to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices ensures results last.

Progress over perfection

If you can’t make the best possible decision, make one that’s just a little better.  Life happens; we get it.

Thrive personal trainer Ian Locke

Ian’s background

Ex-ginger beach loving corporate escapee, musician, property investor, pension trustee and self-confessed muscle nerd

Ex-ginger beach loving corporate escapee, musician, property investor, pension trustee, muscle nerd

When was the last time you did something which massively improved your quality of life? For me, it was a change in career in 2010. For my clients, it’s often seeking help from someone who’s lived a version of their life.

For 20 years I had my dream job in corporate treasury. I worked for some of the best people in the best companies in the best places, doing what I loved.  For a results driven, logically minded, problem solving, numbers person, it was perfect.

60-80 hours weeks were not unusual in a culture where you worked hard to play hard. Only the play rarely happened.

Then I turned 40 and fell out of love with what I was doing. I also started getting soft around the edges and realised I was surviving but that wasn’t enough – I wanted to thrive. In 2010, I left the rat race to decide what I wanted my future to be.

Having used personal trainers before, I’d seen the effect a top-notch PT could have.  In my head, helping people achieve their goals is one big, complicated, multi-faceted problem which needs solving, and I was good at problem solving.

That’s why I created Thrive Personal Training and started training clients on a one-to-one basis, and I love it.  I get to work with people at their best and their worst.  I coach people to do things they never thought they could.

But above all, I get to watch people achieve what they’ve craved for a long time, and the domino effect it has on the rest of their lives.

As my own boss, I now have more play in my day. I run a property rental and development business with my wife; I play my oboe more now than ever; I’m a director of an events business, trustee of a pension scheme and until recently a trustee on two charity boards. And I get to walk on the beach every day.

Our unified approach

Think back to when you were stuck in a rut. Perhaps your nutrition was poor, you were too busy to exercise, sleep was a luxury which didn’t leave you feeling refreshed and you were popping Ibuprofen and Rennie like they were going out of fashion.

Eventually something snaps and you go for a walk. The fresh air and exercise de-fuzzes your head and before you know it, you’re eating salad for lunch. You start making better decisions at work, including getting home earlier to see the family. For the first time in ages, you’re in bed by 10pm and get a solid 8 hours sleep. The next day is a little more tolerable.

Okay, so it’s not quite that easy, but replace the need for you to snap with our integrated fitness mentoring and you’ve taken the first step. You’ll get the results you crave in a faster, more structured and longer lasting way.

In business, you wouldn’t leave success to chance or expect results automagically. Avoid a breakdown, take control of your fitness and choose exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and health programmes directed at you and your goals.


Ian Locke

Personal fitness mentor