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A 100% bespoke training, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle programme designed to for you to complete at your own gym, at your own time.  Suitable for those looking for a personalised approach or who need to work around health issues.

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Please note that these details are being updated.  Please contact for details.

[After purchase, you’ll be contact by email with your welcome pack.  This pack will include everything needed to get you started:

  • a personal questionnaire so you can share with Thrive what you are looking to achieve, ahead of your initial phone/skype consultation;
  • details on how to take your initial measurements and “before” photos so we can monitor your progress;
  • a health risk assessment to check whether you should speak to your doctor before starting the training programme;
  • a food diary to show me what you currently eat;
  • a list of food items you should make sure you have available (and those you shouldn’t!);
  • details of how to register for ProCoach nutrition coaching; and
  • some optional extras you may want to invest in to help you along the way.

Once I’ve received your completed questionnaires, I will be in contact to arrange your initial phone/skype consultation where we can discuss any specific questions or concerns you have.  It is also an opportunity for me to dig a little deeper into your health and fitness goals, history, successes, motivation and challenges in more detail.  The consultation should take 30 minutes.

Shortly after the consultation, you will receive by email:

  • a training plan with instructions on completing all exercises, training schedule and stretching; and
  • a nutrition plan explaining what to eat, when to eat it and how to judge the right food volume for you.

Then you’re ready to go.  All I ask is that each week you send update me on progress and any issues you have.  If something isn’t working for you, it can be changed.

All you need to get going is your gym kit and access to a well equipped gym.]

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