Free Initial Consultation

To arrange your free initial consultation, please call on 07900 692014 or complete the following form.

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Your free initial consultation is an opportunity for you to decide if my services are right for you.  It’s also my opportunity to learn about you, your health and fitness goals, history, successes, motivation and challenges.

During the consultation, we shall talk in detail about what you are looking to achieve, your exercise, diet and general lifestyle at the moment and take some body statistics which will be useful for refining your goals, tailoring your action plan and benchmarking your progress.  The session should take an hour.

The body statistics are: height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, blood pressure and resting heart rate.  Should they be useful, I can also take skinfold measurements to allow us to monitor how your body fat levels change at specific sites.

If appropriate to you, I’ll also look at your posture, flexibility, lung function and there may be one or two short fitness assessments (nothing to be anxious about).  You should therefore bring sports clothing with you (a changing room is available).

Once you complete the booking form, I will contact you to arrange the consultation.  I’ll then email you additional information and a food diary for you to complete and bring with you.

All consultations are held at Thrive’s gym studio at 4 Beranburh Field, Wroughton, Swindon, SN4 0QL.