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Training, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle programmes designed to deliver fat loss, muscle growth and strength improvements over different monthly training cycles.  Suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced exercisers.

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Please note that these details are being updated.  Please contact for details.

[After purchase, you will receive an email with your welcome pack and initial programmes.  This pack will include everything needed to get you started:

  • a personal questionnaire so you can share with Thrive what you are looking to achieve;
  • details on how to take your initial measurements and “before” photos so we can monitor your progress;
  • a health risk assessment to check whether you should speak to your doctor before starting the training programme;
  • a training programmes for the first four weeks, including instructions on completing all exercises, training schedule and stretching;
  • a nutrition plan explaining what to eat, when to eat it and how to judge the right food volume for you.
  • a list of food items you should make sure you have available (and those you shouldn’t!);
  • details of how to register for ProCoach nutrition coaching; and
  • some optional extras you may want to invest in to help you along the way.

Then you’re ready to go – you just need your gym kit and access to a well equipped gym.  All I ask is that each week you update me on progress with new photos.]

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