Terms & Conditions

Avoiding nasty surprises

Thrive Personal Training Limited (“Thrive”) just wants to get on and work with our clients (“you“), so these terms and conditions have been kept to a minimum.  They should be read in conjunction with Thrive’s privacy policy.

Informed consent

You understand that the purpose of Thrive’s programmes is to provide safe exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and related guidelines to improve your general health and fitness.

Exercise programmes

Exercise may include:

  • Cardiovascular activities, with or without the use of machines, such as running, jogging, walking, cycling, stepping and other aerobic activities.
  • Resistance training activities using, for example, resistance machines, free weights, suspension training equipment, resistance bands and other equipment.
  • Flexibility exercises to improve movement around joints and their range of motion.
  • Other types of exercise which Thrive believes are appropriate for your programmes.

Exercise programmes are designed to place a gradually increasing workload on the cardiovascular and muscular systems and thereby improve their function.  The reaction of the cardiovascular and muscular systems to such exercise cannot be predicted with complete accuracy.  There is a risk of other changes occurring during or following exercise.  These changes could, amongst other things, relate to blood pressure and/or heart rate and could result in death or serious injury.

You understand that you are responsible for monitoring your own condition throughout all exercise programmes and that should any unusual symptoms occur at any time, you will stop and take appropriate action, including seeking urgent assistance.  You are free to stop training at any time.  If you have any questions, please ask for help.

Nutrition programmes

Any nutrition programme provided by Thrive, including details of supplements, will be based on information you have provided and Thrive’s experience and expertise.  It does not replace or override any medical advice or knowledge about your body you have or may receive.

You are responsible for what you consume and Thrive will endeavour to provide nutrition programmes which consider your specific situation.

Lifestyle and other programmes

All non-exercise and non-nutrition programmes will be based on information you have provided and Thrive’s experience and expertise.  You will advise Thrive if any guidelines may cause you issues.


You release Ian Locke and Thrive Personal Training Limited, its directors, officers and associates from any liability with respect to any damage or injury which may be suffered whilst exercising or following any programmes provided.

If you have any health conditions affected by exercise, nutrition or lifestyle choices, then you should consult with your GP before commencing the programme.  If your health status changes in a way which you think may impact your ability to participate in the programme, you should seek medical advice and let Thrive know.

Online services


Payment is required in advance, either by bank transfer or card payment (via Stripe, PayPal or other similar service).  Once received, you will receive your programme as soon as possible.  To avoid overwhelming you with information to read, you will receive updates for future periods as the weeks move on.

Where online programmes are a monthly subscription service, you may be recommended to set up a monthly standing order for future months, unless payment is arranged through Thrive.  Further months’ programmes will not be provided and access to Thrive’s services (including through any apps or web services) may be restricted until payment has been received.


Unless agreed separately, cancellation is permitted at any time.  However, once payment has been received and the programme details have been sent, refunds are not permitted.


Thrive (or its associates) owns the copyright over any documents provided to you or materials made available online.  That means you cannot copy, distribute or otherwise share them in any way other than for your own use.

Other services


Payment is required in advance, either by bank transfer or card payment (via Stripe, PayPal or similar service).

Where Thrive provides physical products (e.g. supplements or merchandise) before payment has been received, title to such products remains with Thrive until payment has been received.

Cancellation and amendment

Thrive will be as flexible as possible in moving appointments or amending orders, however please give at least 24 hours’ notice (excluding weekends) should you need to make changes.  Shorter notice may mean you will still be charged.  Refunds for unused products and services will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


By engaging Thrive, you confirm that any information provided by you to Thrive has been provided honestly, including during any consultation and in any questionnaires and forms, and that you agree to the terms and conditions above.

Last updated 21/11/2020

You can download a copy of these terms and conditions here.