Thrive Plus


We’re confident that our integrated fitness mentoring programme provides the knowledge, motivation and accountability needed to get you the success you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for even deeper guidance, say hello to Thrive Plus – our à la carte mentoring option.

Limited to five clients each year, you choose the extra bells and whistles you need to secure your success. Think of it as personal training on metaphorical steroids.

We’re open to any suggestions you believe will help you reach your goals. Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll agree a price and get cracking.

Here are some possibilities to get you started:

Thrive Plus monthly personal training package

Mindset Coaching

Working with The Change Agent, you’ll get your head straight, whether that’s career, relationships or fitness related.



We’ll agree a supplement programme and organise delivery so you never need to worry about running out.

Eating out

If you struggle to choose well in a restaurant, we’ll choose for you.  You just need to turn up, order what we say and enjoy your meal.

Face to face time

Thrive can come to you, wherever you are based, and take you through your programme face to face.

Your personal team

If you have a personal chef, preferred physio, medical team or PA, we will work with each of them to ensure all aspects of your life are aligned.


Sometimes we need to deal with issues from our past to help drive the future we want.  Online counselling can help.

Travelling support

If you travel regularly, Thrive can secure access to local gyms, work out running routes and advise on jet lag strategies.

Physiotherapy treatment

If your initial physio review highlights issues, we can arrange for a detailed report covering physio- and self-administered treatment.

Creating a gym at home

Creating a gym in a small space is challenging, so let us do it for you.  If you have a larger project in mind, we know people who can help.

Food shopping

Tell us what you do and don’t want to eat and we’ll stock your larder and fridge for you, or even arrange whole meals to be delivered.